Name: Rowena Pelczarski

Student Number: 72906189

My portfolio is based on the content of a friends website. I asked Jenney permission to use #Asylum for my assignment. There were many things that I knew Jenney wanted changed, like having all the regulars in alphabetical order, having a better way to order the birthdays, and it had to be simple to update since she is a busy lady and not a web developer. I have linked to the current online site so that there can be no misunderstanding that I may simply have copied it .... my site is very different.

I have tried to keep the site simple to maintain, as well as keeping the dynamic of it being a "fun" place. Jenney likes green so I have used green in the site, along with picking up the colour of her logo, which is a browny  red. I have stuck to CSS as much as possible, once again for simple upkeep of the site.

The regulars page was simply too graphic intense to keep on one page, although that option is available for anyone brave enough to want to load all. For the calendar I got some assistance online and edited it to suit the site. Once again this is simple to maintain, and I am very happy with the result.

I found that in many instances, firefox "broke" my css and so I had to use inline styles to force firefox to accept them.

The site has been tested in IE, Firefox and Google Chrome, as well as Opera. I am aware that some functionality is lost with IE 6 but since Microsoft themselves are advising against the use of it, I have let it go.

The site has been designed for a screen resolution of 800 X 600 but has been put together in such a way that it should display fine up to resolution 1920 X 1080, and has been tested at both, and everything in between.


My portfolio

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